Injection Molding of Custom Polypropylene & Elastomer Lids for the Cookware Industry

Our customer, a large kitchen products OEM, had the opportunity to land a huge promotional order. The deal called for delivering 3 million pieces of glass bakeware with plastic lids in a five month window. The bid called for 2 million 8×8 dishes and 1 million 9×13 dishes. However, only one single-cavity lid mold existed for each lid shape. Those molds could produce fewer than 700,000 pieces each in the available delivery window running 24/7, and that wouldn’t be the only demand for those lids in that timeframe. So, Port Erie delivered six brand new molds, the first three in less than eight weeks, and at least one more mold every two weeks until all the new molds were in production. And, we did this in the Thanksgiving – New Year’s timeframe. During the last 30 days, we were running 8 lid molds 24/7. In addition, we negotiated for 1 million pounds of resin at a fixed price in the face of a resin market that saw polypropylene rise by 23%.

3 million lids delivered ahead of schedule.

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Highlights of an Injection Molding Project

Product Name

Lids For Glass Cookware

Product Description

These plastic lids are fitted tightly over glass cookware to lock-in freshness

Industry for Use


Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Process Design
  • Tooling Design
  • Mold Build
  • Material Sourcing

Injection Molding

Tooling Lead Time

6 Molds Completed in 12 Weeks.

  • First Mold Delivered in 6 Weeks, then two more 2 Weeks later.
Tooling Material Used

P-20 Steel

Mold Dimensions

18” Width x 24” Length

Equipment Used to Make Tooling

CNC Machining Centers

Overall Part Dimensions

8” Width x 8” Length
9” Width x 13” Length
Wall Thickness: 0.055”

Tightest Tolerances

Overall Dimensions: ± 0.020”
Wall Thickness: ± 0.005”

Material Used

Custom Polypropylene and Elastomer Compound



Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing Specifications