Plastic Manufacturing, Mold Building, and In-House Tool Room Capabilities

The mold build process is an important aspect of modern manufacturing operations for producing high-quality, and cost-effective parts in volume. From mold design and build to plastic manufacturing and order fulfillment, it’s vital to work with an experienced injection molder with the tooling and molding equipment you need to get the job done.

Port Erie Plastics, a turnkey manufacturer of molded components with custom mold build capabilities, leads the industry with over 60 years of expertise in plastic contract manufacturing. With a well-equipped, in-house tool room, we can build molds of virtually any size at below-market rates. Rather than having to purchase molding machinery and find or train knowledgeable staff to run your molding operation, you can instead turn to the team at Port Erie Plastics to handle your injection molding program.

Continuous Growth and Development

Our focus on growth and innovation has led to a $2 million investment in our tool room over the last few years, specifically to allow us to build much larger molds for sizable components and greater capacity and increase our plastic manufacturing capabilities.

We’ve built molds as large as 74 in. x 69 in. x 33 in. and 54 in. x 90 in. x 38 in., weighing 32,000 and 41,000 lbs., respectively. Our tool room can build 20 to 30 new molds each year.

As our tool room is not our main profit center, we’re able to offer significantly better pricing than standalone tool shops. We’ll put our equipment up against most standalone tool shops. On the molding side, we operate 90 injection molding machines ranging from 55 to 1,650 tons. We also utilize two low-pressure structural foam machines. We’ve built molds internally to run in this entire range of machine sizes. Examples of molds we’ve built include a large mold that creates all six sides of a collapsible tote in one shot and a two-cavity bread tray mold.

Our clients own their own molds, but Port Erie Plastics will store and care for them. We can take over complete mold programs — some as large as 100 molds — from our customers as well, utilizing your molds to manufacture your parts. In such cases, we can also refurbish your molds to get them back in operation.

Latest Machinery

To maintain our position as a leading provider of custom molds and tools, Port Erie Plastics continues to invest in high-end machinery and technology. Our recent investments include a crane to facilitate moving large molds in our tool room and an expansion of our machinery portfolio.

Sodick’s AG100L CNC Sinker-EDM

The AG series boasts a direct connection between the drive and control, thanks to its advanced linear drive technology and intuitive control methods. This ensures optimal spark spacing and the fastest possible servo response at all times. The AG100L provides a superior solution for CNC sinker electrical discharge machines as it features Sodick’s innovative Linear Motor Drives, and it delivers a smooth, consistent flushing condition. Its specifications include:

  • Fast axis feed of 1,400 in./min
  • 2G acceleration from the linear motor
  • Large work area of 49.0 in. x 82.5 in.
  • Ability to handle as much as 7,000 lbs. of steel
  • Substantial tank capacity, requiring 14 55-gallon drums to fill

Doosan BM 2035 Bridge Mill

The Doosan BM 2035 bridge milling machine is a solid addition to Sodick’s CNC Sinker-EDM as it can handle 22,000-lb. blocks and molds. This machine offers:

  • 0001 positioning precision
  • 50-taper spindle rotational speeds of 12,000 RPM
  • Table dimensions of 137.8 in. x 72.8 in. x 31.5 in. on the XYZ axes, respectively

The dual-contact BIG-PLUS taper spindle with its large nose was designed with deep pockets in mind. The linear roller guideways have multiple rails to enhance the machine’s strength, resulting in increased rigidity and better milling results.

Reliable Plastic Manufacturing With Port Erie Plastics

Port Erie Plastics’ mission is to provide clients with total, value-added plastics processing solutions at competitive prices. Since 1953, we’ve built our reputation on in-house services and high-quality results, handling mold design and build, assembly, packaging, distribution/fulfillment, warehousing, and more for clients in diverse industries. Our family-owned business ships nationwide in the U.S., and we also have customers in Mexico.

With an emphasis on innovation, we continue to grow, currently operating out of 615,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space and adding to our equipment line to expand our capabilities and capacity. We’re also committed to quality, which is why Port Erie Plastics provides a full warranty on each mold we make as long as it runs in at Port Erie.  You will never spend a dime of maintenance while the mold is under warranty.

Customers with a tooling focus can deal directly with our tool room manager. Also, we assign every customer a project engineer as part of our program management process.

Contact us for questions about our tool room or mold build capabilities, or request a quote today to see how Port Erie Plastics can save you money.