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The Skidmarx® plastic pallet is affordable enough to use as a one-way pallet, yet durable enough to get repeated use in the proper application.

We developed this plastic pallet to compete in the one-way arena, and probably half of our pallet customers use the Skidmarx® in this way. Many of these companies ship products overseas on this pallet to avoid fumigation and certification hassles due to concerns over insect infestation.

This is a 9-leg pallet with an open deck construction. It weighs less than 16 lbs. and measures roughly 40″x48″x6″ with 4-way entry.

The Skidmarx® plastic pallet can handle as much as a 2,000 lb evenly distributed uniform load. For closed-loop applications where an extended life is desired, we try to steer the pallet into applications where the load is 1500 lbs or less.

For pricing, call 1-800-SKID-113 or contact our team with questions. 

Port Erie Plastics also manufactures its own line of plastic tubular clothes hangers and furnace filters. For more information, please call us directly at 814-899-7602.

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