Why Choose a Career in Injection Molding?

Are you looking for a change in pace? Consider starting your injection molding career with Port Erie!

Since 1953, when the company was founded by Henry J. Witkowski, Port Erie Plastics has grown into a leading injection molding company. With a 615,000-square-foot complex on 69 acres in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania, we offer custom plastic injection molding, engineering, automation, a variety of secondary services, warehousing and distribution, and more.

We’re committed to creating high-quality products, offering world-class customer service, and promoting the growth of this exciting industry. For us and many other families, U.S. manufacturing is a proud tradition. We’re pleased to provide injection molding jobs in Northwestern Pennsylvania and help develop the next generation of manufacturers.

The Benefits of a Career in Injection Molding

Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process because it’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to produce high-precision complex parts for industries like aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics, food and beverage, and more. Injection molders design molds and operate the equipment needed to produce these components.

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In this position, you’re typically responsible for quality control measures, managing problems and setbacks, performing routine equipment maintenance and repairs, and ensuring a safe working environment for yourself and your co-workers. You follow company procedures and protocols while maintaining a clean, efficient workspace.

Throughout your career, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new technologies and equipment to create ever-better products for your clients. Diverse client requests require problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions that meet their needs.

Apprenticeships for Injection Molding

Apprenticeships are common in the manufacturing industry, because they give new employees an opportunity to earn a living while learning new skills. On-the-job training is often paired with classroom education and a mentorship program to offer a well-rounded approach to learning about the job and the bigger picture of the industry as a whole. The successful completion of an apprenticeship typically leads to industry certification and full-time employment.

A few years ago, the American Injection Molding Institute partnered with Clarion University and the Keystone Community Education Council to offer the Plastics Process Technician Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with 12 area plastics companies. In this dynamic two-year program, participants receive more than 300 classroom hours and 4,000 training hours on the job.

Northwestern Pennsylvania is home to countless innovations in plastics manufacturing, and taking a plastic injection molding job in this part of the country puts you at the heart of a growing industry, with opportunities to learn from top companies and advance into new skilled roles and leadership positions. For anyone who is curious about a career in injection molding, an apprenticeship is a great first step. Earn money while you learn and launch your career in the plastics industry.

Should You Work in Plastic Injection Molding?

If you enjoy hands-on work, new technology, creative collaboration and problem-solving, and the thought of having a well-paying job in your own community, you may want to consider a career in manufacturing. There are a variety of jobs available in injection molding, including:

  • Machine Operator
  • Fabricator
  • Molding Line Assistant
  • Technician
  • Molding Line Operator

careers in plastic injection molding

Port Erie Plastics is currently hiring several positions, including:

  • Machine Operator: You’ll operate injection molding machines and assemble, inspect, and pack parts in alignment with our quality standards, along with other tasks and responsibilities.
  • Recoiler: You’ll operate the recoiler machines, along with other tasks and responsibilities.
  • Tool Maker: With minimal supervision, you’ll set up and operate all tool room equipment and perform the operations necessary to build, repair, revise, and alter molds and more, along with other tasks and responsibilities.

In addition to a world-class facility and top-of-the-line equipment, our employees enjoy competitive pay, health and dental insurance, life insurance, 401K, and more. Visit our careers page to learn more about each role and its responsibilities.

Port Erie Plastics Supports Diversity in Manufacturing!

In the past, manufacturing was primarily considered a career for men, and today, men continue to account for more than two-thirds of the manufacturing workforce. As the industry grows in demand for highly skilled workers, there’s an incredible opportunity for women to take part—and manufacturers seek to recognize the talent that women and minorities may offer in this industry.

With the amount of jobs available, companies are increasingly reaching into that talent pool. Doing so helps to fill critical roles, but also promotes an inclusive, collaborative working environment that enables a company to grow and innovate.

Start Your Injection Molding Career With Port Erie Plastics

Whether you’re starting your career or you’re looking for a career change, consider applying for an injection molding job with Port Erie Plastics. Not only will you earn a good living while you learn to do a skilled job with growth potential, you’ll be doing it with a leading plastics manufacturer with a long history in the area and a commitment to building a strong team of employees who are dedicated to serving our clients.

We’re proud supporters of Penn State’s Plastics Technical Center in Erie, and we regularly hire graduates and interns from the Plastics Engineering Technology program. Because we value training for all our employees, both newly hired and deeply experienced, we’re happy to pay for them to take continuing education classes at the college.

The future of plastics manufacturing will determine the future for all of us: how we move through the world in cars and planes, what devices we use at home to make our daily life more convenient, what life-saving techniques are possible in a medical facility, and more. The industry needs passionate, innovative individuals who are excited about using their skills to help the world run smoothly as they support their families and contribute to their local communities.

Visit our careers page to learn more about our current openings—and check back regularly! We’ll continue to post new positions as our company grows, and we’d love to have you on board. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about the range of services we offer at Port Erie Plastics.

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