Exploring the Wide Variety of Structural Foam Products

Due to the nature of the plastics used and the manufacturing process itself, structural foam products have many benefits. The structural foam molding process is a popular manufacturing method used to create large-tonnage products because it is a low-pressure process. It puts far less stress on the product being produced and reduces the risk of warpage and damage from the manufacturing process.

Due to the many advantages of this process, structural foam molding is used to create a wide range of products. From garden and lawn equipment to construction products, structural foam products are found everywhere.

Common Types of Structural Foam Products

Large-Tonnage Products

Due to the low-pressure process, large molds can easily be made with aluminum rather than steel since they do not need to be durable enough to withstand the high-pressure process of injection molding. Additionally, this process allows for the large-tonnage product to be created in a single mold run while also preventing damage.

Complex Designs

Again, the low-pressure structural foam molding process is beneficial, allowing for complex products to be produced with ease. The structural foam can reach every corner of the mold while being manufactured, allowing you to design complex parts without the worry that they won’t have the right amount of detail.

Some of Port Erie’s Structural Foam Products

HDPE Trench Drain

A client came to our team at Port Erie with a project for the construction industry. They were using straight injection molding to create large trench drains. Unfortunately, the injection-molded trench drains had long cycle times and had issues with warp.

Our engineering team worked to redesign the product to be created through structural foam molding. This led to a 20% part weight reduction, 40% cycle time reduction, and less warpage. If you are interested in learning more about this project, read our case study

Garden Carts and Lawn Equipment

Our team worked to create a large lawn cart through structural foam molding. Since lawn and garden equipment need to be durable enough to withstand chemicals, the elements, temperature variations, and the sun, the properties of structural foam molding were necessary for this project.


Choosing to use structural foam in pallets creates a durable, water-resistant, impact-resistant product. We have created plastic pallets for a number of companies using this manufacturing method. These structural foam molded plastics are durable and can be used for repeated use, however, they are also affordable.

Port Erie is Your Partner For Structural Foam Products

If you are looking for a partner to create your high-quality structural foam products, Port Erie is here to help. We have the equipment and capabilities to create large-tonnage products for various industries. From warehousing needs to construction to lawn equipment, we have the experience and the high-quality materials needed to get the job done.

In addition to our structural foam molding capabilities, we also have the ability to perform custom injection molding and automated injection molding. To support our manufacturing processes, our team offers exceptional secondary operations including assembly, fabrication, and decoration. Once your project is complete, we can also warehouse it for you and aid in distribution.

Additionally, to help cut turnaround times, we offer tooling and mold building services. In doing so, we can make any necessary changes to your molds or tooling without having to send them off to a different manufacturer, saving you time and money.

Are you ready to get started? Contact our team today.

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