How to Find the Right Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Partner

Plastic injection molding makes large quantities of components in a short amount of time; thus, the demand for this manufacturing technique is relatively steady. Working with a plastic injection molding manufacturing partner to improve quality and reduce lead times is one of today’s primary business strategies.

Finding the right plastic injection molding services provider, however, requires careful consideration. You might ask yourself such questions as:

  • Is this company experienced in my application/chosen material/necessary injection molding process/etc.?
  • Does the company have the resources (equipment and staff) to handle my expected volume?
  • Are there any additional services I need beyond plastic injection molding?
  • Will this company be able to respond in a timely manner and handle my project’s time constraints?
  • Do they have established quality assurance metrics and processes in place?

Your ideal partner should have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and capacity to accommodate your industry standards and your product’s specifications.

Key Factors to Consider in Finding a Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Partner

When searching for the ideal service provider for your specific needs, there’s much more to consider than just injection molding.

Design Capability

When choosing a molding partner for your project, determine what level of involvement you expect from their team in your part design. The ideal partner will have the experience necessary to provide valuable insights into manufacturability during the part design phase, helping you to optimize the process and enhance cost efficiency and product quality.

Engineering Support

It’s beneficial to select a company that provides comprehensive engineering support throughout the production process, from mold design to manufacturing and assembly. For better peace of mind, you might consider a partner with a dedicated engineering team for your job, allowing you to effectively collaborate on your project.

In-House Tooling and Equipment

There’s an obvious correlation between mold and equipment quality and final product quality. A partner that handles tooling and injection molding services in-house will allow for greater quality control and streamlined processes while minimizing expensive errors. As for equipment, you’ll want to make sure that the partner company has not just the right equipment, and the capacity to meet your job requirements.

Quality Control and Assurance

Plastic injection molding creates accurate components with consistent quality. Any errors or variations in the molding process, however, can lead to defects, dimensional inaccuracies, or subpar products. When selecting a company to partner with, it’s crucial to ensure that they have well-established quality assurance processes and dedicated personnel to oversee, evaluate, and optimize manufacturing procedures and products.

Supply Chain Support

Some injection molders will offer additional services like supply chain management, as none of the above considerations will matter much if there’s a supply chain disruption and your products are late. Working with a U.S.-based partner will not only streamline your supply chain, but it will allow you more control over quality, costs, and timely delivery. Such a partner will also have the ability to quickly adapt to changes in market trends and customer demands for scalable solutions to support your needs.

Customer Service

Offering quality customer service is just as important as delivering quality products. When selecting a partner, it is important to consider their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate with you throughout the process. A responsive customer service team can help address any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner, which can help ensure the success of your project.

Port Erie Plastics: Your Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Partner

Choosing to work with an injection molding manufacturing partner that fits your requirements for part and mold design, varied molding processes, tooling and equipment, quality control, and customer service will help streamline your operations and grow your business. At Port Erie Plastics, we aim to be that well-rounded partner for our customers.

Our team is backed by 70 years of experience, 90 injection molding machines, and 615,000 square feet of facility space to serve effectively as your one-stop shop. While we specialize in high volumes and large mold programs, we can also help smaller businesses scale their operations. Port Erie Plastics has a degreed engineering team, an advanced tool room, an on-site laboratory for quality assurance, and much more to fulfill your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our services, or request a quote today to partner with the Port Erie Plastics team.

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