How to Choose the Right Plastic Injection Molder for Your Project

Working with the right plastic injection molder can ensure a high-quality product and quick turnaround times; however, it can be hard to know where to start. When looking for the right injection molding partner, there are various aspects you need to assess to make sure the company you will be working with can meet all of your needs.

They Need to Offer the Right Services

The right plastic injection molder for your business will have all of the capabilities you need to properly complete any project you may have. While you may only require a few services, it is beneficial to work with an injection molding company that has a wide range of capabilities. This allows them to adjust their manufacturing processes based on your project and tackle additional projects that you may bring.

Large- and Small-Scale Capabilities

Injection molders that have the ability to manufacture both large and small parts can ensure all of their customer’s needs are met in one place. This saves you from having to find a different manufacturing company for small projects and another for large projects, ultimately saving you time and money.

At Port Erie, we have large tonnage capabilities in structural foam molding and injection molding. Our wide range of machine sizes—from 55 tons to 1650 tons—allows us to tackle projects of nearly any size.

Mold Design and Tooling Transfer Services with an In-House Tool Room

In-house tool rooms provide value to all projects. Not only does this mean your injection molder can easily create tooling and molds even for large projects, but they can also quickly repair any molds that might break. Many manufacturers must send out broken molds to be repaired, costing you valuable time and money.

Additionally, tooling transfer services such as CNC milling, CNC EDM, wire EDM, grinding, turning, and drilling are all beneficial to have access to. These processes allow you to create products without the need for injection molding, giving you more options in your manufacturing process.

Engineering Services

Having access to plastic engineers throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process can yield higher-quality products at a lower cost and faster production time. Plastic injection molders with engineers on-site can help you save money on material costs by sourcing alternative plastics, assessing designs to make them more manufacturable, and giving you advice on how to better existing designs. Learn more about what you can expect from engineering services at Port Erie in our blog.

Secondary Operations

Can your manufacturer finish the project for you? Partnering with a company that has secondary operations can save you the hassle of finding someone else to take on the assembly, decorating, and fabrication of your products.

Port Erie’s turnkey manufacturing solutions include these secondary operations. We can drill holes with our 6-axis robots, tackle complex assemblies, and decorate your plastic both during injection molding and after.

Distribution and Warehousing

The right injection molding partner will help you fulfill your orders and provide you with warehousing services in the meantime. At Port Erie, we understand just how important it is to fulfill orders on time, which is why we handle distribution to all big-box retailers, provide just-in-time (JIT) delivery, and ship directly to your consumers.

We can also provide warehousing services with our two separate 100,000-square-foot warehouses and a single 75,000-square-foot warehouse. Whether you are looking for long-term storage or short-term storage before distribution, we can meet your needs.

They Should Have Knowledge of the Supply Chain

Experienced injection molders understand that if the supply chain breaks down, materials cannot be shipped on time and services can not be completed. Having knowledge of the supply chain allows injection molding manufacturers to maintain a high level of consistency in their products, cost-effective services, and on-time delivery.

At Port Erie, there are a few different ways our experienced team addresses the challenges of the supply chain:

  • Risk Management: Identifying risks, such as natural disasters and pandemics, helps us come up with a backup plan so manufacturing and shipping are not affected
  • Supplier Selection: Partnering with the right suppliers allows us to receive materials on time and at a lower cost
  • Extensive Capabilities: Having injection molding, tooling transfer, secondary operations, and mold building in-house gives us the ability to complete all aspects of the manufacturing process in one place, saving time
  • Automation: Implementing automation can offset the labor shortages that are seen all across the country, keeping processes going
  • Quality Control: By monitoring processes constantly, we can address problem areas before they become costly mistakes
  • Logistics: Coordinating distribution and warehousing services keeps your product moving along the supply chain

Their Reputation

You want to know that the injection molder you chose to partner with has a good reputation. This includes success stories from previous projects to show that they are capable of tackling your project.

At Port Erie, we serve various industries with precise injection molding services. Our goal is to create high-quality products that meet the needs of our clients. Read more about just a few of our success stories in our case studies.

Partner with Port Erie for Turn-Key Plastic Injection Molding Services

For 70 years, Port Erie has been providing injection molding services to customers all over the country. We strive to create high-quality products at the lowest cost possible. Our experienced team can provide large- and small-tonnage injection molding, structural foam molding, and various secondary operations. Additionally, one of our skilled plastic engineers will be assigned to your project, so you know it is of the best quality.

Contact our team today to get started.

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