Managing the Plastic Injection Molding Supply Chain

In recent years, supply chain shortages have affected nearly every industry, and the plastic injection molding industry is no exception. Manufacturers must understand the injection molding supply chain to keep their operations running smoothly and ensure their client’s shipments arrive on time.

The Supply Chain Process

Supply chains are a series of connected processes and individuals that are directly involved in the creation of a product and making sure it is delivered to the consumer in a timely manner. Careful logistical planning is needed throughout the entire process and manufacturers need to prioritize efficient production and scheduling to meet demand.

Sourcing Raw Materials

Resins are sourced based on their quality, availability, and cost. When there are issues within the supply chain, it may be necessary to find alternative resins based on cost and availability. Your manufacturer will be able to help with this process should the issue arise.

Packaging, Distribution, and Order Fulfillment

After the manufacturing process has been completed, the finished product is packaged for distribution. After packaging, the product is shipped to the consumer. During this process, it is important to understand how critical it is to get orders to their final destinations on time. Manufacturers with distribution and warehousing capabilities should be able to complete delivery to big-box retailers, provide just-in-time (JIT) delivery, and direct delivery to consumers.

How Port Erie Manages the Plastic Injection Molding Supply Chain

Risk Management

In order to properly understand what is needed, manufacturers need to identify risks to the injection molding supply chain. Such risks include natural disasters, pandemics, geopolitical instability, and supplier bankruptcy. As these risks are identified, contingency plans are put into place to minimize the disruptions they may cause. This includes finding backup suppliers and alternative resins.

Supplier Partnerships

The pandemic disrupted many supply chains, including plastics. Partnering with suppliers that have raw materials available and forging lasting partnerships with them gives manufacturers the ability to provide resins with little disruption.

With the disruptions from the pandemic, Port Erie was able to identify alternate suppliers and openly communicate issues and disruptions with our customers. Keeping their customers informed and updated was their top priority, and allowed Port Erie’s engineers to find qualified alternate resins even when their specs called for a single source.

Extensive Capabilities

Providing all necessary services in a single location will save time and money transporting your products from one manufacturing location to another. At Port Erie, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services, secondary operations, and warehousing:

Custom Injection Molding 

With custom injection molding, we can create your product by using high pressure to fill a mold with melted resin, leaving your product complete after cooling.

Structural Foam Molding

If you need to create large parts, structural foam molding uses low pressure to inject liquid resin and an inert gas or chemical blowing agent into a mold.

Mold Design and Tooling Transfer

Our in-house tool room allows us to create and repair molds for your product, so we can get right to work. We can also improve existing tooling for your production.


With on-site engineers, we are able to help you source alternative resins if there are kinks in the supply chain. They can also help make your design more manufacturable, saving time in the manufacturing process.

Secondary Operations

After manufacturing, your project will need to be packaged, assembled, or even decorated. Our team has extensive experience providing the services needed to get your product ready for the shelves, including pad printing, heat transfer, and packaging.


Supply chain issues don’t just happen with materials. Recently, there have been labor shortages that have affected nearly every industry in the country, including plastic injection molding. Implementing automation into the manufacturing process can alleviate the strain these labor shortages place on the supply chain by providing continuous manufacturing.


Time and money are both lost on shipping products around the country just to be put in a storage facility. Port Erie has warehousing capabilities, allowing for our customers to store their products long- or short-term, saving them on transportation costs.

Logistics, Quality Control, and Distribution

Coordinating all portions of the supply chain is crucial to reducing delivery time and costs. Plastic injection molders who provide logistical support can help create plans, reduce lead times, minimize cost, and ensure on-time delivery.

These manufacturers also make sure that the products leaving their facility are of the highest quality. Monitoring processes to identify and address concerns before they cause delivery delays makes your customers happier and saves you money.

Distribution services provide order fulfillment, drop-shipping, and just-in-time (JIT) deliveries so your customers are always getting their product on time.

Partner With Port Erie for High-Quality Plastic Products and Quick Turnaround Times

For over seven decades, Port Erie has been the chosen injection molding partner. This is not just because of our extensive capabilities, but because we understand the plastic injection molding supply chain. Our experience allows us to identify risks and address them head-on before they become a problem for you.

Contact our team today to see what we can do for your project.

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