At Port Erie Plastics, we are a premier provider of plastic manufacturing solutions. We offer a range of services, including injection mold design, tooling transfer, and custom injection molding, to accommodate the various needs of our customers. By utilizing top-of-the-line equipment in all of our plastic manufacturing operations, we ensure we can produce quality components that fully meet the necessary specifications and standards.

Premium Brands of Injection Molding Equipment in Our Facility

Plastics Manufacturing Machinery

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We rely on a broad selection of injection molding machinery from various industry-leading equipment manufacturers for our custom injection molding operations. Altogether, these state-of-the-art machines enable us to handle projects requiring different tonnages. Some of the brands found in our facility include:

  • Engel: ENGEL machines have a balance of versatility, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and efficiency. They accommodate all types of plastic material, suit every application, come at fair prices, offer a smart machine interface, and feature basic automation and pick-and-place technology.
  • Sumitomo: Sumitomo manufactures a variety of high-precision plastic injection molding machines suitable for a range of production operations. The all-electric and hybrid units are available with numerous tonnage capacities.
  • Haitian: Haitian injection molding machines are energy-efficient, which helps reduce the upfront costs and long-term cost of ownership. Haitian Zhafir injection molding machines are suitable for high-performance, high-speed operations, including those involving parallel functions, cleanrooms, or precise repeatability.
  • Milacron: Milacron offers a broad selection of machines, all of which focus on performance. They are available in all-electric, servo, and hydraulic models with various plastics processing technologies.
  • Nissei: Nissei has manufactured machinery for over 60 years. This experience enables them to produce high-tech solutions for injection molding operations, including all-electric, hydraulic, hydro-mechanical, and hybrid machines.
  • TMC: TMC provides machinery solutions for some of the most demanding injection molding challenges. Products include all-electric, hydraulic, and hybrid injection molding machines.

The Best Equipment = The Best Results

Armed with some of the best manufacturing equipment available, our expert team can provide injection molding solutions to customers in a diverse set of industries. Some of the markets we commonly serve include consumer goods, construction, electronics, medical, plumbing, and tools. We can produce a wide range of injection molding parts and products to various specifications and standards, from pallets, Christmas tree stands, plumbing fixtures, pipe fittings, cookware lids, and server farm airflow control products to oxygen concentrator housings, safe compounds, machine tool packaging, trash cans, dog dishes, soap dispensers, cartridge filters, and commercial and industrial totes and bins.

Partner with Port Erie Plastics for Your Injection Molding Needs

Want a partner you can trust with your injection molding project? Port Erie Plastics is here to help! As an experienced thermoplastic molding service provider equipped with state-of-the-art injection molding machines, we can produce complex and intricate components to your exact specifications and standards.

For more detailed information on the machines we use in our injection molding operations, check out our plastics equipment list. To learn more about our injection molding capabilities or discuss your project requirements with one of our experts, contact us or request a quote today.

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